Master of Finance

Master of Finance

The MFin program positions you for premier career opportunities through our global reputation, world-renowned faculty, and rigorous, hands-on approach to adaptive problem-solving.

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Master of Finance


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Global. Rigorous. Adaptive.

A Finance Education Engineered for You

A Decade of Mastering Finance


Are you a high-achiever looking for a rewarding career in finance? MIT’s Master of Finance program features a rigorous 12- or 18-month STEM curriculum, emphasizing a foundation in how markets work and engineered around the most advanced financial theories, quantitative models, and industry practices.

MFin carries with it a legendary reputation, world-renowned faculty and innovative, hands-on learning experiences in a top-ranked, early-stage finance degree.  The program is adaptive to meet your specific requirements across a broad range of premier career opportunities in sought-after established financial institutions, corporations, consulting firms, the public sector, and fintech.

The Master of Finance Experience


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MIT For Life

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When you graduate, the MIT experience goes with you.  You’ll become part of our legendary global alumni network — people who speak the language of MIT, and who are ready and willing to support you personally and professionally throughout your career.  And among employers, you’ll find a respect and admiration for the MFin program, in particular, the role of MIT finance as the creators of modern finance.  The MIT name — and the trust and competence it confers to each graduate — cannot be duplicated.

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Master of Finance

Academic Excellence

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Custom-Engineered for High Achievers

MFin’s elite, top-ranked early-career STEM program emphasizes a foundation in how markets work and a rigorous curriculum engineered around the most advanced financial and quantitative theories and practices.

Personalizing Your Curriculum

You can build a program specific to your needs, while also accessing MIT courses and cross-registering at Harvard.

“We have very deep courses in theory, empirical work and practical application. The program is highly quantitative, oriented around finance principles and the idea that the world tomorrow will not be the same as today. The preparation you receive here will allow you to address challenges you've never seen before and come away feeling confident that you know how to attack them.” — Robert C. Merton, Distinguished Professor of Finance, Nobel Prize Laureate

Collaborative Learning

The MFin program emphasizes interactive team learning with your peers from around the world, in courses where skills are practiced and applied to real-world challenges.  Some MFin courses also include other students from across MIT, or Harvard.  You’ll learn from and challenge each other, sharing perspectives, building lasting relationships and developing critical workplace skills.

Curriculum at a Glance

A Smart Investment

As innovation, regulation and globalization continue to drive change in the finance landscape, MFin prepares you for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. An MFin degree is a smart investment in your future, generating returns throughout your lifetime.

Master of Finance

Action Learning

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Hands-On Opportunities

Students and Industry Collaborating on Real-World Challenges

Action Learning is a hallmark of MIT’s teaching methodology—a continuous learning environment with numerous opportunities to explore, experiment, and put theory into practice.MIT Sloan’s signature finance Action Learning courses offer unique opportunities for you to engage in meaningful, real-world business challenges, providing relevant experience employers respect.

You’ll work alongside corporate partners, faculty, and a diverse cross-section of fellow MIT students on collaborative teams, gaining insight and coaching from experts, building your network, and enhancing your portfolio of outcome-oriented case studies.

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Choice of Experiences

All MFin students participate in Action Learning through Proseminars—real-world financial problem-solving experiences, or the Finance Research Practicum℠—a real-world team research and analysis experience. While only one of these courses is required, students often choose more than one to gain additional practical experience in finance and social skills critical for success in a diverse global economy.


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Practitioners from the finance community present students with current, real-world challenges designed to test and hone problem-solving skills.

“In terms of career development, I found the pro-seminar projects to be very helpful. I thought of these projects as ‘mini-internships,’ since they offer opportunities to work closely with companies on real-world problems."

Julia Yuan, MFin 2012
Research Associate, Arrowstreet Capital, Boston, MA

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Finance Research Practicumsm

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Students work side-by-side with corporate sponsors, applying theory to practice in real-world research and data analysis scenarios.

“It gives students a great opportunity to work on financial-related research topics sponsored by companies. These are topics that really concern the company, it’s not just any hypothetical case from the classroom.”

Dennis Wu, MFin 2015
Management Consulting Associate, A.T. Kearney, Dubai, UAE

Read more about the Finance Research Practicum

What Students are Saying

Hear what MFin students have to say about their action learning experiences, including MFin Study Tours — an opportunity to see how businesses operate in different parts of the world and to meet executives and MIT alumni.

Master of Finance

Rewarding Careers

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Your Future in Finance

Position yourself for near and long-term success.

As an MIT Sloan MFin graduate, you’ll launch your career with a solid foundation in how markets work and a comprehensive range of quantitative finance skills, along with applied, problem-solving expertise.

An MFin degree positions you for near and long-term success among highly sought-after employers: asset managers, consulting firms, investment and corporate banks, brokerage firms, financial data providers, ratings firms, hedge funds, venture capitalists, insurance companies, public institutions, fintech, and more — from Fortune 500 companies to leading-edge boutiques.

Personalized Career Resources

Career preparation is integrated throughout your MFin experience through tools, workshops, access to alumni and industry experts,

Master of Finance

Career Resources

The CDO provides a broad range of services, events, resources, seminars and recruiter access.

Master of Finance

Alumni Network

MFin Alumni mentor and recruit students, speak and host events, and have lifetime CDO access.

Where are they now?

  • Two Years Later

    “The network gained within the MFin program has and I’m sure will continue to be crucial to my career success.  Having a group of very smart friends working across different asset classes really gives you an edge.”

    Evan Hirtenfeld, MFin 2016  Investment Analyst, Man GLG, London, UK

  • Eight Years Later

    “MFin pushed me to think more technically about financial concepts that are applied in the real world.  Being able to focus on the quantitative and theoretical elements prepared me for challenging the status quo.”

    Kapil Dilwali, MFin 2010 Vice President, Investment Banking-Corporate Finance Advisory,  J.P. Morgan, New York, NY

Positioning You for a Successful Career Search

Career preparation is an important aspect of the MFin program, Throughout your time with us, you’ll benefit from the experiences of our advisors, faculty, MFin staff, employer relations team, alumni, and corporate partners who focus on maximizing your potential and help you sharpen your competitive edge.

As an MFin student, you have full access to the MIT Sloan Career Development Office, as well as the MIT Global Education & Career Development Office, expanding the list of prospective employers.

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Master of Finance

World-Renowned Faculty

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Innovators and Collaborators

MFin Faculty are Respected Authorities on the Leading Edge of Finance

The MFin program is your opportunity to learn financial problem solving from our world-renowned faculty—innovators who tackle finance’s biggest challenges and continue to define the future of finance. They influence real-world policy and practices, continuing MIT Sloan’s legacy of creating breakthrough financial models and practices adopted by educators and practitioners worldwide.

As the architects of the MFin program, our faculty are invested in student success and have created a collegial, collaborative culture that challenges students to push the boundaries of their problem-solving abilities.

Can Financial Engineering Cure Cancer? | Andrew Lo | TEDxCambridge

A Record of Leadership

MIT Sloan is considered the birthplace of modern finance. Pioneers such as Fischer Black, John Cox, and Stewart C. Myers, as well as Nobel Laureates Paul Samuelson, Robert C. Merton, Myron Scholes and Franco Modigliani all have roots in the MIT Sloan Finance Group, a major force of change and innovation in the finance industry.

Formed long before other business schools recognized finance as a distinct field of study, the MIT Finance Group is responsible for many of the research breakthroughs that have shaped finance theory and practice for more than 40 years—a track record of leadership that continues today.

  • The Black-Scholes-Merton derivative-pricing model.

  • The Modigliani-Miller theorems on corporate financing and evaluation.

  • The Cox-Ingersoll-Ross model of the term structure of interest rates.

MIT Sloan finance faculty are advancing the field of financial economics while generating innovations and leading-edge management practices critical for leadership in today’s complex global economy. MFin students have access to their latest research.

Meet Some of the Faculty Who Teach MFin Courses:

Featured MFin Faculty

Antoinette Schoar

Antoinette Schoar

Economics, Finance and Accounting

Michael M. Koerner (1949) Professor of Entrepreneurship

Learn More
Robert C. Merton

Robert C. Merton

Economics, Finance and Accounting

School of Management Distinguished Professor of Finance

Learn More
Deborah J. Lucas

Deborah J. Lucas

Economics, Finance and Accounting

Sloan Distinguished Professor of Finance

Learn More
Leonid Kogan

Leonid Kogan

Economics, Finance and Accounting

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Professor of Management

Learn More
Gita R. Rao

Gita R. Rao

Economics, Finance and Accounting

Senior Lecturer, Finance

Learn More
Hui Chen

Hui Chen

Economics, Finance and Accounting

Associate Professor, Finance

Learn More
Master of Finance

The MIT Experience

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Join Us

Our Inspiring, Respected Global Community Welcomes You

There is no other place on earth quite like MIT.  The MIT experience begins with our community of students, faculty and staff — a dynamic, inspiring and welcoming group.  We have assembled the best talent from all corners of the earth, and together we are a powerful force.  We challenge each other to excel, and to have a positive impact on the world.

When you step onto campus, you’ll experience the energy of a recognized hub for innovation in finance, entrepreneurship, and technology.  It’s a place where experimentation, exploration and pushing boundaries are encouraged and supported.  You’ll also sense our informality and culture of mutual respect.  Despite our elite status, the MIT community of high achievers is known for being refreshingly down to earth.

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Thrive In Our Finance Ecosystem

As an MIT Sloan student, you’ll gain access to an entire finance ecosystem — a wide array of clubs, events, speakers, competitions, study tours, research centers, and recruiting initiatives that provide opportunities for growth, discovery, and networking outside the classroom.

Explore the Ecosystem

Hear from our our students, be part of the community, and build your network.

Cross-Disciplinary Study & Teamwork

The opportunity to work with students and faculty from other disciplines creates connections that spark new ideas, new products, and new companies. Cross-disciplinary study and teamwork are a unique part of MIT’s culture, and MFin students routinely take classes from departments outside MIT Sloan to pursue their interests and expand their knowledge and skills.

Learn more:

  • Certificate Programs

    The Business Analytics Certificate, Healthcare Certificate, and Sustainability Certificate are open to all MIT students.

    Learn more about certificates

  • Action Learning

    Action Learning labs and the Finance Research Practicum℠ can include students from across MIT.

    Learn more about Proseminars and the FRP

  • Cross-disciplinary research centers

    MIT Sloan faculty are deeply involved in cross-disciplinary research centers like the MIT Golub Center for Finance and Policy, the MIT Innovation Initiative, and the MIT Leadership Center, as well as many others.

    Learn more about finance faculty and research

  • Entrepreneurship

    Students routinely work together at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and on teams in startup competitions and hackathons.

    Learn more about entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan

The MIT Campus

A private institution of just under 11,000 students (60 percent graduate students) and about 1,100 faculty, MIT sits on a 168-acre campus along the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s a short walk across the Mass Ave Bridge to the city of Boston. MIT Sloan is located on the Red Line subway in Kendall Square.

Master of Finance


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See Yourself Here

We seek smart, motivated applicants who are passionate about finance. Recent graduates, early career professionals in finance, engineers, mathematicians, physicists, computer programmers, and other high-tech professionals are encouraged to apply.

Each applicant is measured on his or her academic and professional accomplishments. Applicants are eligible to apply to the MFin program if they have a bachelor's degree or will have completed one by July 2019. Students with a three-year bachelor's degree from an international university are also eligible to apply.

We seek well-rounded, intellectually curious individuals with the following characteristics:

  • Success in academic, extracurricular, and professional endeavors.
  • Ability to collaborate to accomplish a common goal.
  • Ability to inspire others to achieve success.
  • Willingness to seek alternative solutions to existing challenges.
  • Motivation to pursue their goals.

How to Apply & Financial Aid

Everything you need to know to apply to the program and finance your education.

Application Deadlines

The Admissions Committee reviews all applications and will notify applicants of their decision on or before the deadlines listed below. Please note that in the interest of confidentiality, we will only deliver official decisions via your online application.

MFin Program Deadlines – for July 2018 Entry

  • Applications due:

    Thursday, January 3, 2019, 3:00 p.m., EST

  • The admissions committee notifies applicants of their decisions:

    Tuesday, March 12, 2019

  • Admitted applicants must reply to their offers:

    Monday, April 15, 2019

Upcoming Admissions Events 

View all MFIN admissions events here

Master of Finance Admission Events


MFin/MBAn Breakfast Dubai

Join MIT Sloan Admissions representatives to hear about our STEM-designated Master’s degree programs; the Master of Finance and Master of Business Analytics.

Dubai 9:30AM - 10:30AM UTC +04:00
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MFin/MBAn Breakfast Beirut

Join MIT Sloan Admissions representatives to hear about our STEM-designated Master’s degree programs; the Master of Finance and Master of Business Analytics.

Beirut 9:00AM - 10:00AM EET
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